Ritot - the first projection watch.

  It’s been a long time since mankind has stopped peering into the sky at the sun to calculate the time. Clocks were invented for this purpose. The first clock was created thousands of years ago. There were various types of clock, including sundial, clepsydra, hourglass and others.

  Since then, the evolution of clock has continued and brought to us the first wristwatch. Every year there emerge dozens of new models of wristwatch, but the operating principle has not changed.

  We live in a new progressive millennium; everything around us progresses and develops. Every year the new and new models of smartwatches are created. But all of them are similar to each other. In our opinion, watch design should be both technically innovative and fashionable. Watches demonstrating that humanity does not stand still. That’s why we decided to create really unique and entirely new product.

Ritot creating new rules in the modern watch design!

Ritot brand – is a new modern design that delights the perfect balance of precision and exquisiteness. This stylish smartwatch shows force of character of its owner and his style. The people, who choose Ritot, live a full life filled with new ideas.

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  • Change colors and types of your notifications through Ritot App.

    Ritot will help you to stay on top of things with vibrating notifications, messages and alerts.
    Ritot works with iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Also we are working on compatibility with other platforms.

  • You can set notifications in the special Ritot App for your phone. All notifications are easy to set, turn on and off.
    • Ritot has special projection technology which allows using it at day and night.
    • Ritot is made of high quality materials and technical components
    • Our projection technology is absolutely safe for skin and health.
    • Waterproof.
    • Size for any hand.
    • Unisex design.
    • 24 or 12 hour time display mode.
    • Projection view is changeable for left and right hand.
    • Do-not-disturb mode.
  • Different projection colours for your mood.

    • You may change the projection color in one click. There are more than 20 colors available.
    • The projection disappears automatically in 10 seconds.
    • There are two ways to activate projection: you may touch the button or shake your hand.

  • Great list of supported social and other apps!

    • Incoming Caller ID
    • SMS
    • Reminders, meetings
    • Emails
    • Calendar
    • Social Messages
    • Weather Notifications
    • Silent vibrating alarm and timer


The uniqueness of the technology lies in picoprojector. It allows project an image with high quality graphics and brightness. The watch doesn’t have any buttons, except of one touch sensitive button, with which you can manipulate the projection – run a mechanism of temporary (10 sec) or permanent projection.

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